About us

Welcome to YPOS | Your point of sale - a brand of Lesar UK Limited. 

YPOS is a UK provider of hardware and software for the POS and retail industries. We understand that point of sale is a vital part of our customer’s business therefore we aim to provide solutions that help increase productivity in your business.

YPOS is part of the Lesar Group. Based in Blackburn, Lancashire we have steadily grown from our humble beginnings to 40 members of staff. With over 18 years in the ID & security industry, Lesar UK is the preferred supplier for all things ID. With our success in the industry which often linked to retail and point of sale, it made perfect sense for Lesar UK to venture into the POS world. As hardware specialists supplying ID card printers, we have access to all the manufacturers ensuring you get the best and most competitive price on the POS market. 

We've designed a bespoke platform for promoting point of sale and we're proud of how it's turned out. Our vision is to create a central location for all kinds of hardware relating to POS including connecting end users with verified installers.