We offer a wide range of accessories compatible with your POS printer, Mobile printer or Tablet including display stands, charging cradles, card readers, power cables and mounting brackets. To check compatibility with your existing device please check our specifications.  

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SpacePole SafeGuard iPad X-Frame

£89.00 ex VAT

X-Frame is a lightweight, easy to handle, low profile solution that keeps your iPad POS securely fixed to your countertop. Add the quick release lock option to remove the iPad for handheld ordering or easier safe-keeping overnight.

1 Models Available

Star mPOP Under-Counter Mounting Bracket

£29.00 ex VAT

Hide and secure your Star mPOP under the counter with these mounting brackets.

1 Models Available

Star Splash Proof Printer Cover

£12.00 ex VAT

Protect your Star printer with this detachable frosted splash proof cover.

1 Models Available

Star SM-L200 Charging Cradle

£45.00 ex VAT

Manage your workspace and keep your Star SM-L200 mobile Bluetooth printer charged with this desktop charging cradle.

1 Models Available

Star DK-AirCash (Ethernet)

From £167.00 ex VAT

The compact Star DK-Aircash enables mobile POS users to open any cash drawer automatically without the need for a receipt printer. Use your chosen interface Ethernet, WIFI, Apple or Android Bluetooth to connect to your POS network.

3 Models Available

Star SM-L200 Vehicle Mount

£19.00 ex VAT

Mount your Star SM-L200 mobile receipt printer in your car or taxi with this vehicle mount.

1 Models Available

SpacePole Desktop Stand For Miura M010 (Black)

From £35.00 ex VAT

SpacePole C-shape desk stands offer a securely fitting cradle that allows your payment device to be removed for instant portability. The Stand attaches to a desk or counter giving a secure mounting option with a comfortable angled position.

6 Models Available

Socket Mobile Charging Cradle

£79.00 ex VAT

The CHS Series 7 charging cradle is designed to recharge and allow easy storage of the CHS 7Ci/7Mi/7Qi scanner when not in use or in between scanning sessions. Included with the cradle is a multi-angle mounting bracket to setup the cradle in different positions on a flat surface or attached to a wall to allow for optimal comfort and ergonomics.

1 Models Available

PayPal Here Reader

£62.50 ex VAT

The PayPal Here Chip & PIN Card Reader is an easy to use, quick and secure way to process payments on the go. With PayPal Here, you can offer customers more ways to pay. Accept debit and credit cards, contactless payments, send digital invoices and record cash or cheque payments. Simply purchase the card reader and download the PayPal Here app on your iOS, or Android device to get started.

1 Models Available

SumUp Air Card Reader

£59.00 ex VAT

Take credit and debit card payments using Contactless, Chip & Pin or Magnetic Swipe.

1 Models Available

iZettle Card Reader

£79.00 ex VAT

The iZettle Reader is quick to set up and easy to use, enabling you to accept credit card and contactless payments – whenever and wherever. Enjoy faster payments and all-day battery life with this card reader.

1 Models Available

iZettle Dock

£59.00 ex VAT

This cradle has a built-in battery charger for your iZettle Reader, so you never have to worry about the battery time.

1 Models Available

Star Micronics PS60A-24B Mains PSU (UK)

£18.63 ex VAT

24VDC Mains Power Supply Unit - 230VAC. UK Power Lead

1 Models Available

Star Micronics PSU

£32.50 ex VAT

The Star Micronics PSU is compatible with Star SM-220i, SM-S230i and SM-L200 models

1 Models Available

Heckler Windfall for iPad Pro 12.9″

£119.00 ex VAT

The Heckler Design Windfall stand for iPad Pro 12.9" is a robust yet slim stand designed with security in mind. Featuring a built in Kensington security slot with the option of purchasing the pivot tack accessory for extra security.

1 Models Available

Test Product

£0.01 ex VAT


1 Models Available

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